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Ward budgets

Ward budgets are a dedicated and flexible resource that councillors can use to support specific local issues and priorities financially. The funds are intended to encourage resident-led activities that are independent and self-sustaining. 

Local community organisations and charities can be allocated funding, either separately or if they are working in partnership. Applications may also be considered from ad hoc groups, individuals, statutory bodies, businesses or sole traders if their project fits with the funding criteria.  

Councillors may also use their budgets to facilitate local community activity, for example through hiring a room for a group to hold a meeting or for the printing of publicity materials.  

What ward budgets can fund

To be eligible for funding through ward budgets, projects must:

  • improve the wellbeing of the ward community, or its environment or economy;
  • be for one off expenditure with no expectation of future funding;
  • be for a minimum of £250; and
  • be for revenue or capital expenditure

Ward budgets cannot be used for:

  • projects that would adversely impact the local community, environment or economy;
  • projects that would undermine council approved priorities;
  • projects that create an ongoing maintenance cost for the council;
  • funding the mainstream activities of a commercial or voluntary sector organisation;
  • supporting any kind of political activity including lobbying or campaigning against the council or its agreed priorities; and
  • projects/proposals that would be unlawful for the Council to support.  

Funding for past projects

Projects     Project summary Likely cost
Highway improvements Highway benches £1,000

Flashing speed warning signs

Using available lamp columns to promote sped awareness in order to make the area safer £4,500 - £6,000
Trees and woodlands

Trees get planted between Dec and March and are a great addition to local areas. They can help to change the feel of a local area in a really positive way.

£150 for a tree planted in an existing grass verge or vacant tree pit. Up to £400 for a new tree pit to be constructed 
Festive lights These are very good for attracting business into a local area and are positive additions for a local community £200 - £1,000
Events / festivals Community engagement events e.g.. Big Lunches, Pride, Get Together, youth events, scouts  £205 - £10,000


Each ward member is allocated £8,000 per year for use on community initiatives that will have a benefit to Croydon and to your wards. 

Unspent ward budgets may be rolled forward to the following financial year.  This process will be agreed annually. However, please note there is no guarantee that budgets will be rolled forward. Budgets have been allocated for a specific financial year and good practice is to spend where possible in the year of allocation.

A full breakdown of the ward budget for each ward can be found by visiting the community budgets for each ward page

Identifying projects to be funded 

Councillors are responsible for agreeing proposals to be put forward for funding. They may do this independently, with other councillors in their ward, or with other wards providing that each ward has identified the project as something that would benefit residents in all the participating wards.  

Councillors can identify projects in a number of ways:

  • agreeing their priorities at the start of the year and inviting applications that will further that agenda; this can be done in consultation with other ward councillors or the local community
  • seeking groups to come forward for specific community initiatives
  • allowing anyone to come forward with a proposition that meets the criteria to maintain funding flexibility; this may include community representatives, council officers or members of the public.  

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Applications are now closed.

Projects funded 

We will publish an annual report every summer setting out the projects funded and the outcomes achieved in each ward.



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